We’ve just published a new page on the website that covers all the information you want to know about Health Savings Account (HSA) health insurance plans. We cover what they are, how they work, who they’re good for, what their pros and cons are, and we analyze all the California HSA plans to determine which plans are the best for you.

Stethoscope & Piggy BankWhen HSA’s were introduced in 2004, they were really popular because they were the lowest cost health insurance plan available. Over time, the costs of HSA’s has changed, and they aren’t usually the lowest cost anymore. However, for people in some situations they can be a great solution. Find out if your situation is a good candidate for one of these plans.

The best part about the page is the analysis of the California HSA health insurance plans. We show the results visually in a graph, and walk you through the process of how we decided on the top 6 HSA plans:

Top 6 California HSA Plans

Aetna Preventive and Hospital Care 2750
Health Net CFB HSA 4500
Kaiser 30/2700 HSA
Cigna Health Savings 4900
Health Net CFB HSA 6000
Kaiser 50/5000 HSA

These six plans had the best combination of price and benefits, and were obviously (visually) better than the remainder of the plans (you’ll love the graphic that shows how all the plans compare to each other visually). Then we narrow down the options to identify the single BEST HSA PLAN in California. Which one of these do you think is the best plan?

So check out the information at Best HSA Health Insurance Plans In California. Then tell us what you think in the comments section. Is there other information you were looking for, or something that didn’t make sense? If so, tell us and we’ll add it.

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