Covered CA 2017 open enrollment period is beginning on 11/1/16
2017 Open Enrollment Period Starts 11/1/16
Check out our latest case study showing the decision process we used for the 2017 Covered CA Open Enrollment Period.

This case addresses many common issues that everyone faces. Can you keep your existing doctors? Can you reduce your cost of health insurance in 2017? Should you consider switching from Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum to a different metal tier?

We also address one of the biggest issues facing residents of San Diego county that use the Scripps Health System for their medical needs. Is there another option besides Blue Shield?

Many of you have read my bio on the About Us page. As a diabetic my need for health insurance is important. This case outlines what I did to set up our health insurance for 2017. It also covers the trade-offs we had to make in order to reduce our monthly premiums.

You can see the case study here: “2017 Covered CA Open Enrollment Period And Renewal Decisions.”

Read the other case studies by going to the Case Study page in the navigation bar.

As always, if you have questions call us or put them in the comments below. We’ll respond quickly.

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