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The cost of your HSA account is a key factor in determining which HSA administrator to deposit your HSA monies with.

That’s why SPF Insurance has partnered with Lively to provide you with a no-cost HSA account.

You can also make investments with your HSA account by adding a low-cost TD Waterhouse connection to your Lively HSA account. Find out more details and enroll here.

California HSA Administrators

Bank of Alameda
Community Bank of San Joaquin
Community Business Bank
Community West Bank
First Entertainment Credit Union
Gilmore Bank
North Island Credit Union
North Valley Bank
Oak Valley Community Bank
Patelco Credit Union
Stanford Federal Credit Union
Sterling HSA
Technology Credit Union
Umpqua Bank

National HSA Administrators

Alliant Credit Union
Adirondack Trust
Bank of America
Chase Bank is no longer offering HSA accounts
Connexus Credit Union
Harris Bank
HSA Bank
Optum Bank
The Principal Financial Group
Transportation Alliance Bank
US Bank now offers HSA accounts only to businesses. They no longer provide HSA plans to individuals and families.
Wells Fargo no longer provides HSA accounts as of June 1st, 2016. They moved their accounts to Optum Bank

This is not an exhaustive list of HSA providers. If you know of a good HSA provider that should be included in the above list. Please leave a comment with the name and link to the providers HSA webpage and we will add it here.

The providers listed above are for informational purposes only, and do not have an endorsement or recommendation by SPF Insurance Services. Clicking on a link will open a window to go the HSA providers website. SPF Insurance Services has no control over the content of those websites.

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  1. I was told from representatives from Chase, US bank and Wells Fargo that they will not be able to open an HSA account for me any longer, that they do not do it any more… Please update your website information.

    1. Author

      Thanks Paula.
      I checked on those administrators and reviewed the rest of the list for others that may have stopped offering HSA accounts.

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