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Best Health Insurance Plans For Carlsbad Families and Small Businesses

Carlsbad, CA is located in a interesting void of medical facilities.  This means selecting a good health insurance plan in the Carlsbad region takes some research.

We've done the investigation for you, and will help you narrow your choices so you can easily choose the best health insurance plan.

1. Urgent Care, Hospitals, and Doctors near you.

2. Best insurance companies in Carlsbad

3. Best health plan recommendations

4. Our proven 5 Step Search & Apply process

SPF health insurance brokers are trained to know the details about how the industry works, and how to help you get great coverage.  We work with self-employed families, small business owners, and people turning 65 and aging into Medicare insurance.

​If you have any questions, call us and one of our brokers will be able to help you.

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Top Health Insurance Companies Available In Carlsbad

medical insurance companies in carlsbad ca

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Urgent Care, Hospitals, and Primary Care Doctors In Carlsbad Region








Primary CARE


Anthem Blue Cross not

available as of 1/1/18



1 - Tri City




2 - TriC/Scripps


Blue Shield



2 -TriC/Scripps




2 - TriC/Scripps


Health Net



2 - TriC/Scripps





2 - TriC/Scripps





2 - TriC/Scripps





2 - TriC/Scripps









1 - Tri City





1 - Tri City


* The closest Kaiser Permanente ​hospital is in Escondido, 10.6 miles away.

The information is this table was generated on 4/19/2017 using each health insurance companies' provider search tools. The results are for the area within 10 miles of the Carlsbad zip-code 92011.

In the Carlsbad area there are only 2 hospitals:

1. Scripps Memorial Hospital in Encinitas

2. Tri-City Medical Center in Oceanside

What we look for in a health insurance company network is that they have urgent care centers and hospitals near where you live, and a large number of doctors.

However, the decision about which network typically boils down to "what does your doctor accept," and what does the plan cost.

From the table above you can see that there are some carrier networks that you should stay away from.  Any network that has a "0" in any column.  Those are Molina Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, and the Anthem Blue Cross HMO networks.

The following networks appear to be attractive.  Blue Shield PPO, Health Net HMO/PPO/HSP/EPO, and maybe the Anthem Blue Cross EPO.  

​Best Health Insurance Carlsbad CA Plan Recommendations

Ranking the networks based on the table and what I know about the pricing, I would put them in the following order:

  • Health Net HMO plans - these plans should be the lowest cost.  Sometimes the Health Net Silver HMO plan will cost less than other carriers Bronze plans.  Key feature of these plans is that they include the Scripps Clinic and the Scripps Coastal Medical groups and both hospitals in the Carlsbad area.
  • Blue Shield PPO plans - the only true "PPO" option in north county.  The Blue Shield plans will cost more, but they also have the Scripps Clinic and Scripps Coastal Medical groups and both hospitals.

  • Health Net HSP or EPO plans - Other than Health Net's HMO plans, these plans will be the second lowest cost options in Carlsbad. The main issue with the HSP and EPO plans is that the network is random.  Health Net contracted each doctor independently of their medical group.  This makes coordinating care more difficult because doctors in different medical groups don't communicate with each other as well.

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I highly recommend Marc Sandknop if you're looking for a health care broker

Kathleen C

I highly recommend Marc Sandknop if you're looking for a health care broker. He is knowledgeable, professional and went out of his way to assist and answer all my questions with a quick turnaround. I was able to find a good insurance company with the best rates for my needs. Marc even took the time to call my doctor to see if he was in my HMO network. I look forward to working with him in the future.

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5 Step Process To Get The Right Plan

Our proven 5 step Process guides you through each step so you don't miss any important things.  

Step 1: Do You Have A Valid Qualifying Event That Enables You To Enroll?

If it is currently the Open Enrollment Period, you can skip this and go on to Step 2.

There are a number of qualifying life events (QLE) you can use to enroll in coverage outside the open enrollment periods.  See a list of the most common events, and download our QLE cheat sheet.

special enrollment periods last 60 days

Step 2: Determine Which Metal Level Is Likely To Be The Best For You

This can be accomplished by answering 2 questions, and viewing a table with our recommendations.

In California, 90% are in either a Bronze (25%) or Silver (65%) health plan. The two questions determine whether Bronze or Silver is the best plan for you.

California health insurance enrollment by Metal Level

Step 3: Determine If You Are Subsidy Qualified And Get Health Insurance Quotes

When you fill in birth dates for your family and your home zip code, the insurance quote engine will show you the income limit to qualify for subsidies.  If your income is less than the limit, enter your expected Adjusted Gross Income for THIS calendar year.

The quotes you get will show all the health plans available in your area.  The prices will show how much you'll pay for each plan AFTER the subsidy has been subtracted.

Based on the 2 questions and the recommendation table, select the best 2 or 3 plans.

family getting health insurance quotes in carlsbad ca

Step 4: Determine If Your Doctors Are In-Network For Your 2-3 Health Plans

If you don't care to keep your existing doctors, you can skip this step.

Use the Provider Search Tools we've put on the Resources page of the SPF Insurance website to search for your doctors.  Follow the instructions for each search tool. 

If you need help, let us know and one of our brokers can do this for you.

SPF agents can help you find your doctors

Step 5: Select Your Health Plan & Apply Online

Now that you know which plan is going to be best for you, it's time to apply.

If your income is too high and you don't qualify for subsidies, you will apply using the "Apply Now" button in the health insurance quotes.

If you are subsidy qualified, please call our office and one of our advisors will help you with the application.

Apply For Health Insurance in Carlsbad California

Coming Soon:  The 5 Step Process will become an interactive set of steps that take you through each step and offer more assistance.

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