AlieraCare health ministry plans
Turning insurance upside down!

For 30 years these plans have lain on the side of the stream, waiting for the right time. The time is now. Health Share Membership plans are becoming a mainstream option because of the significant price increases in Obamacare health plans the last couple of years.

Well over 1 million people are now enrolled in these health share ministry plans.

Many people I talk to have never heard of these policies. So, to help clients and visitors get a better understanding of what these health care sharing plans are, we’ve created a new section of the website with information about how these plans work, along with the Pros and Cons of health share ministry plans.

The starting point for this section is “Health Share Ministry Plans In California“.

Obamacare plans have undergone substantial rate increases last year and this year. Most 2019 Obamacare Bronze plans are increasing their rates between 20-40%. That increase is making it hard for many people to afford even bare-bones coverage.

The health share plans we recommend provide preventive care at no cost to you, along with telemedicine, and a variety of plan options from catastrophic to comprehensive coverage. All of this at rates below what the Affordable Care Act plans will cost next year.

These healthcare sharing plans can be a good alternative to the high-cost Obamacare health plans. As a result, more people are looking for alternatives, and many find the ministry plans to be a good solution.

Learn what these alternative plans are, and see if these plans can be a solution to your health care coverage needs.

Learn more by clicking here.

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