At SPF Insurance we help San Diego, California small businesses get the group health insurance they need to keep and attract the best employees. We are independent and work with all California medical insurance companies so you can set up plans that work for you and your employees.

We do not charge you fees for our work. Prices for company benefit plans are regulated by the State of California, so you won’t find lower rates for the same plan even if you go directly to the insurance company.

Group insurance plans require that we enter specific information about each employee and all their dependents. The information in the Quote Request form below will help us make sure we ask you the right questions so we can minimize your time and effort.

If you have any questions, please call us at 858-613-3628.

Most of our group health insurance plans are for San Diego businesses, however, we work with small employers all throughout California, and we can help you no matter where you are located. We do this by phone, internet, and screen-sharing.

There are over 300 different health plans available to California companies. Because seeing this number of options would be overwhelming, we don’t provide immediate quotes. This group medical/dental/vision/life quote request form and the questions we ask help us narrow your options to a more manageable number. We will provide you will a full set of quotes if you request them.

To get quick San Diego group health insurance quotes you should contact us directly by phone at 858-613-3628.