Health Net is trying to get everyone to make use of preventive care. This includes an annual wellness visit and all the lab tests associated with it. To help members utilize yearly wellness services, Health Net enlisted the help of MedXM to provide in-home visits by a doctor and/or nurse practitioner.

In-Home Wellness VisitFor members with limited mobility, this new service could be a difference maker. Having the provider come to your home would make it easy to get regular yearly preventive care.

There is no extra charge for this service. The wellness visit will take about 45 to 60 minutes to complete. The results and data from the visit will be shared with your doctor.

Here’s the catch with the MedXM wellness service. Using the MedXM in-home wellness visit WILL REPLACE your annual wellness visit with your primary care doctor. You can’t do the MedXM wellness visit for $0 cost AND see your primary doctor for a $0 cost annual checkup. You can only do one or the other.

MedXM Wellness Visit To Your HomeA second factor to consider is that MedXM does not have many favorable ratings on its service. Three ratings are not enough to determine how good or bad a company is. The Yelp reviews are telling, but things may have changed since the time these reviews were done.

Therefore, the decision about using the Health Net MedXM in-home wellness visit or going to see your doctor should be based on which method will result in you having a wellness checkup each year.

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