Health Care Reform In California

Why You Need To Understand Key Parts Of ObamaCare

The roll-out of Health Care Reform is set to begin on January 1st, 2014. This change in the health care system of the United States will affect every American. In California, our politicians have decided to put our state at the vanguard of these changes. So California is creating it’s own health exchange, increased the benefits our Obamacare health plans must provide, and tightened regulations in selected areas.

To prepare for California health care reform, you need to know what the changes are, how they will affect you, and what you can do to position yourself and minimize the impact.

We’ll identify how health care reform will impact individuals and families in the private health insurance marketplace, seniors in the Medicare marketplace, and small businesses owners. Since many of the regulations are unique to each of these marketplaces, we’ve created separate areas that will cover each market below.

We’ll break health care reform into smaller bites that are easier to digest. We’ll leave out the politics and pros/cons discussion and just focus on what you need to know to understand how ObamaCare will impact you, and what you can do to navigate successfully through these changes.

Move your cursor over the images below to preview what’s covered in each topic. Click on the title to go to that page.

What Is Health Care Reform?
Impact On Individuals & Families
InfoGraphics & Videos
SPF Health Care Reform News
Obamacare News Feeds

Effects On Medicare
Health Care Reform Resources
Effects On Small Businesses

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