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Why Show Case Studies Of Client Situations?

Many of us learn best by hearing and seeing examples and solutions. That’s what this section of the website is about. Providing you with typical client examples to learn from.

Each Case Study will give you a summary of the client situation, and describe what the clients want to accomplish. Then we walk you through the steps we took to get to the final solution, and give you links to the tools we use.

At the end of each Case Study we will highlight Key Take-Aways that you can use to help you with your own situation.

Search for cases that have characteristics similar to yours, and read what we did to create the solution in those cases. This will help you to create your own solution.

Let us know if you think your case would be a good addition to this library

Family with expensive Grandfathered Health Plan

My Grandfathered Health Insurance Plan Is Too Expensive

The Allen family had been in a Grandfathered health insurance plan since 2008, but the last rate increase was “the straw the broke the camel’s back.” David wanted to find a lower cost plan that would allow his family to see the same doctors, go to the same hospitals, and be lower cost than the $900 something grandfathered plan they were in.

Watch as we take David through the process of finding a new ACA solution that solves his cost problem and provides better benefits than what his family had before.

Cobra insurance versus Obamacare health insurance

Decide Between Cobra Insurance Or California Health Insurance?

When you leave a job that provides health benefits you become eligible for Cobra insurance. However, your employer may not fully describe how Cobra health insurance works, and what to be aware of. This happened to Laura England and her husband Steve in Oceanside California.

In this case study, see how we helped them get out of Cobra insurance. Learn the steps we took to move them into health plans that would be significantly better due to Laura’s pregnancy.

2017 Covered California open enrollment period for the Thompson family

2017 Covered CA Open Enrollment Period And Renewal Decisions

The 2017 Covered California Open Enrollment Period is upon us. Many of us have received the renewal letters from our insurance company telling us how much our rates are going to increase. We all want answers about how to get lower rates, and what we can do?

This case study is about the decision process I used for our Obamacare health insurance renewal. The result is that we get to keep our doctors and save over $5,000 in 2017.