After a lot of analysis and data crunching, we’ve finally gotten all the new California maternity plans analyzed. The state of California mandated that all health insurance plans offered in the state after July 1st, 2012 had to provide coverage for maternity care. As a result, every insurance company adjusted their plans and their pricing to include this benefit. The result of this analysis is a ranking of the best maternity insurance in California.

Baby Holding Finger Prior to July 1st, there were only 27 plans that provided benefits for pregnancy costs. Now there are up to 120 plans to choose from (depending upon which county you live in there may be fewer options). These new options mean that women can get any health insurance plan and know that maternity coverage is provided.

The key to picking the best maternity insurance plan is to find one that will minimize the total out of pocket cost of the prenatal office visits and lab tests, during the 9 month pregnancy, and the delivery costs of having the baby. These costs can reach up to $20,000 for an uncomplicated pregnancy, and can be well over $100,000 if the baby is premature.

March of Dimes – Pregnancy Complications
For some women, labor starts too early, before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy. One out of eight babies in the United States is born too soon. This can lead to serious health problems for the baby. So it’s important to know the signs of preterm labor.

For the last couple of years the top pregnancy insurance in California has been the Kaiser $0/$1500 HSA Deductible plan, with an expected Total Out Of Pocket cost (plan premiums plus all costs for prenatal care and delivery) of $4438. As of July 1st, the new leader is the Cigna Health Savings 1900 plan, with a Total Out Of Pocket cost of $4381. Prior to July Cigna did not offer pregnancy plans in California, but their decision to begin offering it will probably result in a surge of new female subscribers.

For more information about the other top maternity insurance plans, go to the Maternity Insurance California page. We’ve outlined what to look for in a good pregnancy plan and summarized the total cost breakdown for each of the top plans.

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