special enrollment periods last 60 days

Many people think they can sign up for health insurance whenever they need to because of health care reform. They call us to get enrolled in a plan, and we ask them what changes have taken place in their life. They seem puzzled by the question and say nothing has changed. We then have to explain to them why they don’t qualify to sign up for coverage. There are qualifying life events that enable you to get health insurance outside the open enrollment period. We’ll show you what they are, and how you can use them to sign up for coverage. There is one additionalRead More →

why are covered ca applications so hard?

We recommend Covered CA applications be completed using the help of our brokers. However we know that some of you like to do things on your own. We can now help make that easier for you.

We’ve created a new page that walks you through the process of setting up your initial account with Covered California. We give you step by step instructions showing the actual Covered CA pages. Then we show you how to connect SPF Insurance into your application so we can help you if (when) you run into a jam. Read More →

special enrollment periods last 60 days

Now that the annual health insurance open enrollment period has closed you can not change your health plan unless you have a qualifying life event. There is a list of 12 total qualifying life events, but many of them occur very infrequently. Of the remainder, some are more common, and we’ll show how you can use these to create a special enrollment period that allows you to change or get new health insurance coverage. The 3 easiest qualifying events to use are: Involuntary loss of Minimum Essential Coverage New resident of California due to permanent move, or a resident moving to a location where newRead More →