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Announcing Covered CA Application Instructions
News Bulletin
We recommend Covered CA applications be completed using the help of our brokers. However we know that some of you want to do everything on your own. We can now help make that easier for you.

We’ve created a new page that walks you through the process of setting up your initial account with Covered California. Then we show you how to connect SPF Insurance into your application so we can help you if (when) you run into a jam.

See the new “Covered California Application Instructions” page.

There are many “gotchas” when you try to start an application. Many of which can be frustrating. The one we hear the most complaints about are the Covered CA rules for usernames and passwords. On the page we show the details so you can quickly get your account/profile set up.

Over the next couple months we will add more instructions for the remainder of the Covered California online application. The actual application and questions are updated/changed by Covered CA about 3 times each year. Therefore this new instruction page will be an evolving one.

Once you’ve finished deciding what insurance company and plan to enroll in, check out these application instructions so you’ll be able to complete your Covered CA Application online with the least effort.

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