Governor Jerry Brown’s administration is planning to implement some parts of the Affordable Care Act Health Care Reform
(Health Care Reform) even if the Federal Supreme Court overturns part or all of the reform bill. State Health and Human Services Secretary Diana Dooley said that California should implement it’s own version of Health Care Reform, and require that all California residents have health insurance, similar to the requirement that everyone have car insurance.

I applaud the intent to “do good deeds” for California, but Governor Brown is facing continuous budget deficits as things are, and needs voter approval of tax increases in order to maintain the status quo. How will he propose to add more taxes to pay for a new program with potentially escalating costs over the next decade?

Health Care Reform is not about Health Insurance Reform, it needs to first focus on health care costs and reducing the health care inflation rate by eliminating duplicated tests, increasing access to electronic medical records, prevention and maintaining the wellness of individuals, and rewarding health habits both within the health care community and in individuals. Then Health Care Reform can increase coverage to all people, and the government costs will be supported by existing tax revenues. The current system is trying accomplish this in reverse order.

Stay tuned for more.

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