The initial open enrollment period to get health insurance for children under the age of 19 is now over (January 1st to March 1st, 2011), so what can be done to get the new preexisting condition exemption for your child if the child loses health insurance coverage outside of the open enrollment period?  Listed below are a number of special events that offer a late enrollment period that can used to obtain coverage and keep the protections provided by the open enrollment period.*

  1. The child’s birth month
  2. The loss of coverage is due to:
    1. Termination or change in employment status of the child or the person through whom the child was covered
    2. Death of the person through whom the child was covered
    3. Cessation of employer’s contribution
    4. Legal separation or divorce
    5. Loss of coverage under Healthy Families Program, Access for Infants and Mothers Program, or Medi-Cal Program
    6. The adoption of a child
  3. The child became a resident of California during a month that was not the child’s birth month
  4. The child is born as a resident of California and did not enroll in the month of birth
  5. The child is mandated to be covered pursuant to a valid state or federal court order
  6. The child is within 63 days from their date of birth or adoption

Please note that children must apply for coverage within 63 days from the qualifying event in order to be considered a late enrollee.

For more help in getting health insurance for a child, please contact our office and we’ll help you determine what your options are.


* – Information provided by Anthem Blue Cross of California.


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