A recent tracking poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that almost half the population believes that the new health care reform laws might have been repealed.  22 percent of Americans believe the health care reform law has been repealed, while 26 percent aren’t sure about the status of repeal.

Media stories about the Republican bill to repeal health care reform in the house of representatives, and subsequent amendments to the continuing resolution bill, which would block spending federal funds to implement the health care reform law, have made people uncertain regarding the actual status of the health care reform laws.

Currently the democrats in the Senate have blocked bills to repeal health care reform, but it remains to be seen how they will handle the challenges facing the continuing resolution bill.

In the mean time, health care reform is still in effect, and the government and health insurance companies are taking the necessary steps to see the reform law rolled out by 2014.  So don’t think that health care reform is dead yet.

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