Looking To The Future
Looking To The Future

This information is outdated now. SEE THE NEW Obamacare MATERNITY INFORMATION HERE.

It’s the beginning of the New Year, 2013, and many changes are going to happen this year. The first of the changes involves the maternity plans in California. When getting maternity insurance, California mothers want to be able to minimize the costs of the pregnancy and the delivery. But mothers also want to be able to see the doctor they are comfortable with. So most mothers-to-be will select a PPO plan before they get pregnant.

At SPF Insurance, we specialize in maternity coverage, so we spend a great deal of time analyzing all the California health insurance plans. From that analysis we can determine which health plans have the best characteristics for families wanting to have a child. We then provide a list of the top maternity plans to our readers.

Some of the insurance companies have begun announcing their 2013 rate changes, while others have modified the plans they are offering. So the effect on the top maternity plans is larger this year. To get the best maternity insurance, California women will still want to choose the Cigna Health Savings 1900 plan. This Cigna plan is still the best at this point.

Falling out of the top plans was Anthem Blue Cross. Anthem decided to stop offering their Lumenous HSA 3000 plan, which was their only top maternity plan. A new entrant to the top list is Health Net. Health Net was in the list early in 2012, but pricing changes forced their lone entry out of the top in the fall of 2012. With the changes that took effect on January 1st, 2013, Health Net reenters with a strong plan.

The other changes to the top plans are shown on the Maternity Insurance California page. Get the names and analysis behind each plan by visiting that page.

As the California insurance companies change their plans and their rates, we at SPF Insurance will continue to update the top plan lists. That way you will always be able to get independent and objective advice about the health insurance plans that fit your specific needs.

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