Our newest resource page with information and reviews about Short Term Health Insurance (or Temporary Health Insurance) plans has been officially launched this morning and is now live and ready for use.

Short term plans are typically used when someone knows there will be a gap in insurance coverage of less than 12 months. ¬†A typical example of this is when someone changes jobs and their new company insurance plan doesn’t start until after they have been with the company for 3-6 months. ¬†These new employees can set up a short term plan that will last until the day the new company plan starts.

Some other situations where these plans can work, are:

  1. College students or recent graduates

  2. Individuals not yet eligible for Medicare coverage

  3. Individuals waiting on approval of major medical coverage

  4. Individuals no longer eligible on parents’ plan due to age or status

  5. Individuals looking for an affordable substitute for COBRA

These temporary health plans are easy to qualify for.  Typically just four to eleven Yes or No questions.  Pls the plans can start as quickly as the day after the application is submitted.

Most of the major insurance companies (Aetna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, etc.) don’t offer short term plans, so the selection of the company that provides the plan is very important. ¬†At SPF Insurance we have carefully screened the companies and selected four of the top temporary health insurance carriers. ¬†These carriers offer plans with 2 to 8 options, so knowing how to compare the plans and pick the one that is best for your needs is important.

On the new Short Term Health Insurance page we’ve done a lot of that work for you and provided our analysis of the plans, and recommending the plans we think offer the best value for the price.

So go ahead and stop by to check out this new short term health insurance resource page, and be sure to comment at the bottom and tell us what you think, then “Like”¬†us.

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