According to the California Endowment, a private foundation concentrating on health issues, the average California family pays an additional $1400 in yearly premiums in order to cover the costs of uninsured Californians. And because the Federal Supreme Court may throw out the mandate provision of the Affordable Care Act, the state of California is preparing to go it alone on some parts of health care reform.

The new child health insurance laws and the required California maternity insurance coverage mandate will stay in place, while work on the California Health Benefit Exchange — a website to help consumers find and purchase health insurance once 2014 rolls around — is continuing to proceed. Many consumer advocates are urging state lawmakers to forge ahead with a California mandate requiring everyone to have health insurance, just like the requirement to have car insurance. Further discussions are required before before any changes happen in this area. However, a number of bills are in the development process specifically targeting health care reform in California.

Stay tuned for more.

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