Why Should I Get Life Insurance?

The answer to this question typically boils down to ... why get insurance of any type?  The obvious answer is because you want protection against something bad that might happen.

We get health insurance in case of injury or sickness.

We get car insurance so that if we are in a car accident, we can get the car repaired or replaced if it is totaled. We couldn't pay full price to get another car, so we let the car insurance pay for the new car.

We insure our home so that if it burns down we have the money to rebuild.

We protect ourselves and the ones we love with insurance of all types because we don't know what will happen tomorrow.

Life Insurance for life's uncertaintiesWhy Get Life Insurance?

Therefore the reason we get life insurance is because we want our family to be able to go on if we are no longer around. Life Insurance provides the financial resources to replace our lost income for our family.

Life insurance enables the ones we love to continue on without us.

Who Needs Life Insurance?

What if you own a small business? Will the business survive the loss of you? Do you have employees? Will someone be able to take your place, or be trained to take on your position in the business?

If we are protecting against the loss of life, what is lost if you are no longer here?

The simple answer is the income you would have earned during your lifetime.  But is that all there is?

What if you've taken out a large loan and someone else is also on that loan with you? Will they be able to pay off the loan without you?

Life Insurance poem - Because He Loved Me

As you can see from above, there are many circumstances in which it becomes important to have life insurance to protect those you leave behind.

Here are some typical situations in which you need life insurance:

  • Married
  • Have Children
  • Own a home
  • Own a business with employees or customers that rely on your company
  • You have a business partner and each own part of the company
  • Student loans with parent as co-signer

How Do You Get Life Insurance?

Here are five steps you must follow when buying life insurance.

1. How much life insurance do I need?

2. How long does it need to last?

3. What life insurance ratings will you get?   Standard, Preferred, Preferred Plus, or Sub-standard?

4. Get life insurance quotes?

5. Select the plan and apply.

We provide more details about each of these steps, starting with “How Much Life Insurance Do You Need.”

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