A recent tracking poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that almost half the population believes that the new health care reform laws might have been repealed.  22 percent of Americans believe the health care reform law has been repealed, while 26 percent aren’t sure about the status of repeal. Media stories about the Republican bill to repeal health care reform in the house of representatives, and subsequent amendments to the continuing resolution bill, which would block spending federal funds to implement the health care reform law, have made people uncertain regarding the actual status of the health care reform laws. Currently the democrats inRead More →

Blue Shield of California today announced a 6 month rate guarantee on all Individual Health Insurance plans that have a Jan 1, 2011 effective date or later. What this means is that if you apply for a Blue Shield health insurance plan your rate will not change for the first 6 months, unless you have a birthday. After 6 months, Blue Shield has the ability to change your rates when they need to. Last year Blue Shield offered a 1 year rate guarantee, but chose to eliminate that guarantee option in October of 2010 when the first changes for Health Care Reform began to takeRead More →

All health insurance plans have some benefits that won’t be important to the majority of people and therefore, should be ignored when comparing various plans.  Understanding the 4 key parts of all PPO health insurance plans will make it easy to know when you’ve got a plan that will fit your specific health insurance needs.  The 4 key parts are: Office Visit Co-pays Deductible Amount Out-of-Pocket Maximum Prescription Benefits Office visits are the most commonly used benefit in health insurance plans, and are one of the benefits that the insurance companies use to differentiate low cost plans from medium and high cost plans.Read More →