Covered California sent a letter to everyone that has a PPO plan and told them that their insurance company would assign them to a Physician on January 1st 2017 as part of a new feature.

Is this a “feature” to you?

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Aetna was one of the major insurance companies that did not offer maternity coverage in California until July of 2012.  On July 1st, a new California mandate began and required all plans offer maternity and autism care.  As a result of this, Aetna added these benefits to their existing plans and increased the rates slightly. Aetna announced they are leaving California individual and family health insurance marketplace at the end of 2013. Go here to learn about good Aetna health plan replacements. If you are looking for maternity coverage, the Aetna plans are not a good choice because of their higher deductibles. Click this linkRead More →

In the search to find good maternity insurance California mothers have found fewer options to choose from over the last few years. However, new mandates in 2012 will require that all health insurance plans in California provide maternity health coverage. Both the Individual/Family plans as well as the Group plans will be affected by these new rules, which take effect on July 1st, 2012. Senate Bill SB222 by state Senator Noreen Evans, and Assembly Bill AB210 by Assemblyman Roger Hernandez, were both signed by Governor Jerry Brown on Oct 6th. These two bills require that every health insurance plan offered in California must provide maternityRead More →