Where's My California 1095 FormIt’s tax time and CPAs are busy collecting 1095A, 1095B, and 1095C forms from each client. The 1095 form tells the IRS if you had health insurance in 2015, and during which months you had coverage. So when will your 1095 form arrive?

This depends on whether you have company-sponsored group coverage, individual or family coverage that you bought straight from an insurance company, or if you got your health insurance through Covered California.

1095 Form From Covered California

If you purchased health insurance through the Covered California exchange, then you have probably received your 1095A form in the mail already. Covered California mailed these forms to every active application before the deadline on January 31st. If you have not received yours, then you should check your online application to make sure Covered CA has the correct mailing address for you.

You can also download a copy of your 1095 form from the Covered CA website by clicking on the green “summary” box from your application home page.
Application Home Page on Covered California
On the next page you will click on the “Documents and Correspondence” link on the left side.
Summary Page of your Covered California Application
This will show you all the letters and communications that Covered California has sent to you. The 1095A form should be the most recent document shown.
Your 1095A Form On Covered California

1095 Form For Individual and Family Health Insurance Direct From An Insurance Company

If you purchased health insurance directly from a health insurance company, they will provide you with a 1095B form for your tax return. This form will look very similar to the 1095A form and will show which months you and your family members had health insurance.

If you had health insurance with more than one insurance company during the year, you will receive a 1095B form from each company.

The forms may not arrive before April 1st. The IRS extended the deadline for insurance companies to get the 1095B form to you until March 31st in 2015. In all future years the form must be sent no later than January 31st.

If you file your tax return before receiving your 1095B form, you can use the best information you have available to complete your form. Once the 1095B form arrives, you are not required to amend your tax return, but you should keep the form and the other documents you used for your tax records.

1095 Form For Company-Sponsored Group Health Insurance Plans

If you receive health insurance from from your employer, then you will receive a 1095C form from your employer or the health insurance company that provides your group health insurance plan.

The deadline for the delivery of these 1095C forms was also delayed by the IRS until March 31st, 2015. Therefore you may file your tax return before you receive the 1095C form by using other information you have available.

Once your receive your 1095C form you are not require to amend your return or submit the 1095C form to the IRS. You should keep the 1095C form for your tax records.

SPF Insurance is not a tax professional, and any information provided here should be verified with your tax professional before you submit your tax returns.

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