New Series Of Six Articles Discussing California Baby Health Insurance

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Today SPF Insurance is introducing the first of six new pages and posts dealing with baby health insurance, and child health insurance. The first is a new page titled “How To Get Health Insurance For My New Baby?“. This page provides new mothers and fathers with the information they need to be able to transition their newborn from being covered on the mother’s plan to having it’s own plan. We cover the various options that are available, and the time frames in which decisions have to be made. The purpose of the page is to provide a detailed overview of the nuances that surround getting health insurance for children and the strategies that parents should use, especially right after birth.

The other five pages and posts will provide additional details on the cost of baby health insurance, identify the best plans for children, show the importance of well baby care, provide help for parents that can not afford health insurance for their children, and help families determine if company insurance plans are a better value than individual health insurance.

Below is a quick summary of the planned articles:

  1. Does My Baby Health Insurance In California Cover Well Baby Visits?

    This article covers the importance of giving your new baby the best care by doing the Well Baby checkups as scheduled by your pediatrician. It covers the benefits to child, not just as an infant, but continuing on through out the child’s full life. There is also discussion about what the well baby visit schedule, what will be covered in each visit, and how you can be prepared to ask any questions you have about your baby’s development and growth.

  2. What Is The Cost Of Child Health Insurance In California?

    Although parents will do anything to protect their children, cost is still an issue in many cases due to simple economics. Can I afford to get the best plan, or should I look for a plan that will be good enough. This article aims to help with that decision. We provide an overview of what baby health insurance costs are like in various parts of California. Then give some specific examples that parents can use to begin budgeting for the new family costs once the baby comes home from the hospital.

  3. What’s The Best Health Insurance Policy For A Baby?

    SPF Insurance is known for providing specific information and recommendations that you won’t find anywhere else. This article provides our recommendations on the best child health insurance plans in Calfornia. We show you what we’re looking for, and then give you the plans that our analysis says are the best for each situation. This is a “Don’t Miss” article.

  4. Affordable California State Child Health Insurance Plans — I Can’t Pay Much

    Not all families in California are able to afford paying an extra $200/mo for baby health insurance. So we identify the various government assistance plans and zero cost plans to help these families protect their children. This information is scattered around the internet in various places, so we bring it all together on one page, and provide steps parents can follow to get the best plan or program for their children.

  5. Should I Put My Baby On My Group Health Insurance Plan, Or A Child Health Insurance Plan?

    Lot’s of families have their health insurance provided by their employer. As the cost of health care has risen in the US, many companies are beginning to push more of the increasing costs onto the employees. Many times this takes the form of higher premiums to include the family on the employee’s group health insurance plan. This article discusses this trend and gives specific questions and answers to help you decide if it’s time to move your family or your kids onto their own health insurance.

Check back periodically over the next month to see all these new articles as they are published.

SPF Insurance is your expert in the health insurance industry. We’ve been helping families and small businesses get affordable health insurance for over 9 years. For any questions just call us and one of our advisors will be glad to help you.

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  1. Thank you!
    My wife and I just had a baby and we were trying to figure out what to do about the baby insurance. These posts covered everything we needed.

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