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Need Short Term Health Insurance in California?

Short term health insurance typically lasts for only 2-12 months. These plans are very basic and don’t provide a lot of the benefits that a standard health insurance plan would offer. Their primary use is to protect people from catastrophic financial loss if an accident or an illness occurs during a time when you don’t have health insurance.

Short term plans can be a great solution for people in one of the following situations:

  1. Individuals transitioning between jobs

  2. College students or recent graduates

  3. New employees waiting for group coverage to begin

  4. Individuals not yet eligible for Medicare coverage

  5. Individuals waiting on approval of major medical coverage

  6. Individuals no longer eligible on parents’ plan due to age or status

  7. Individuals looking for an affordable substitute for COBRA

In these situations, short term health insurance, or temporary health insurance acts as a “bridge” between regular health insurance plans.  We provide plans from the leading temporary insurance companies:

Health Net      HCC Life      Assurant Health     The IHC Group


Short term health insurance should really be considered a safety net plan. There are usually no benefits until you meet the plan deductible ($250 to $5000). So it is not something you would use to go see a doctor for an annual physical, because you would pay for the office visit out of your own pocket.

As a bridge plan, it solves the problem of providing protection against a major injury or sickness happening during the period of time one is on the temporary health insurance plan.  The application asks 4-11 simple Yes/No questions about your health  and as long as the answers are all No, the application can approved within 1-3 days.  This enables you to get a temporary plan that can start as quickly as the next day.

None of the short term health plans will provide coverage for any pre-existing conditions you may have.  For more information about this, and to see if there are better options, please call our office and an Advisor will be happy to help you.

All of the plans offer the ability to pay monthly, or one time payment.  So if you know how long you need the coverage to last, you can fill out the application and put in the beginning and ending dates, and pay all at once for the full period.  The one time payment option results in a lower cost, and is another way to reduce the cost for your short term insurance.


What Is The Best Temporary Health Insurance Plan?

After reviewing the costs and benefits of each plan shown the the quotes, the Health Net QuickNet plans will almost always be the better option for most people.  These plans provide a couple of benefits that Assurant and HCC do not offer, and are generally lower priced.  The QuickNet plans provide coverage for generic prescriptions ($20 copay) where the other carriers provide no prescription coverage.  If you are in an accident and taken to the emergency room or an urgent care center, Health Net will waive the deductible for the expenses during that 1st day, and you will only pay 40% of the costs during the 1st day (If admitted you will be responsible for the deductible amount during day 2 before Health Net will pay any more costs – see the plan benefit details provided as a link inside the quote ).


How Do I Get A Short Term Plan?

The first step is to get a quote showing all the short term health insurance plans that are available where you live by clicking the link below.

Get Your Short Term Health Insurance Quote Here

The second step is to pick the plan you want.  Use the “Compare” plan features, on the left side of each plan description in the quote, to select the plans you would like to compare, and then click the compare button to see a detailed comparison of the selected plans benefits and rates.

Once you’ve selected the plan you want, the last step is to click the “Apply Now” button on the right side of the plan description in the quote.  This will take you a page where you can choose whether you want to fill out the application online (only Health Net allows this option) or by printing out the form and filling it in.

For a streamlined approach the online option below asks a few yes/no questions, provides almost immediate approval of the application and enables your coverage to begin in less than a day, click the banner below.

Short Term Health Insurance San Diego



  1. Thanks for the info on short term plans. I’ll apply for a Health Net plan.

    1. Author

      Sorry about the delay in responding to this comment. Health Net is no longer offering short term health insurance plans. We will update this page shortly. In the mean time, you can get good coverage by using this link: California short term health insurance

      We’ll be doing a write-up on this plan very soon, so stop back then to see.
      Tim Thompson

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