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San Diego Medical Insurance

Lowest San Diego Medical Insurance Prices Anywhere

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California Medical Insurance Plans

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Table of Contents

  1. San Diego Medical Insurance Plans
  2. San Diego Medical Insurance : 5 Questions to Determine Which Plan Is Best For You
  3. San Diego Medical Insurance: Comparing Health Insurance Plans In The Quote
  4. San Diego Medical Insurance: Online Applications


California Medical Insurance


San Diego Medical Insurance Plans

The primary medical insurance companies in San Diego are Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, Celtic, Cigna, Health Net, Health Net California Farm Bureau, Kaiser, and United Healthcare. There are other second tier health insurance companies that offer medical insurance in San Diego, but here at SPF Insurance we have decided to focus on the strongest companies. This way we can provide our San Diego clients with the best medical insurance plans from the best Insurance Companies.
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San Diego Medical Insurance : 5 Questions to Determine Which Plan Is Best For You

Welcome to SPF Insurance!  In just a few minutes you’re going to know everything you need to be able to get a great health insurance plan that fits your lifestyle and budget.  At SPF Insurance we’ve made it easy for people in San Diego to get Medical Insurance, so don’t worry that it will be tough.  It won’t be.  We’ve been helping people get Health Insurance since 2003, and we’ve taken everything we’ve learned about how our clients needed to get information and recommendations and put them into this webpage.  We’ll walk you through the quick process and make sure you don’t miss a thing.

The first step is to answer 5 simple questions about what medical services you actually use.  These 5 questions will make it easy to determine if a health insurance plan will provide the medical benefits you need.  So let’s get started.


  1. How many times do you go to see the doctor each year?
    If there’s more than one person you’re trying to get California medical insurance for, just jot down the average number of visits for each person.  If one of the office visits is for preventive services, such as a physical, an annual OB/Gyn checkup, or a mammogram and pap smear test, then don’t count these as doctor visits, because preventive services are now free in all plans.  So if you are a female and you go see a doctor a couple times each year for colds, and you have your regular checkups, then you’ll write down 2 office visits for yourself (just the 2 visits for colds).

    Now, when looking at San Diego medical insurance plans, you’ll want to make sure that you select a plan that offers at least 2 office visits.  If there are other members of the family, then pick the highest number from the family and that becomes the number of office visits you need your health insurance plan to have.

    Medical insurance plans offer 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and unlimited office visits.  The plans that offer more office visits tend to cost more than plans with fewer visits, so you want to make sure you pick a plan that will give you what you expect to use.  What we’re going to do here is “budget” your insurance dollars and make sure you don’t pay for more than what you will use.  At the end of the questions if you find a plan that meets your needs and it costs less than your budget, we can look at upgrading specific benefits, or you can just pocket the savings.

  3. Do you take generic or brand name prescriptions?
    The answer to this question is especially important, because lower cost health insurance plans don’t cover brand name prescriptions, and plans that do cover brand name prescriptions will have a higher monthly premium or cost.  Another key part of this answer is that many California medical insurance companies will decline an application if the cost of brand name prescriptions is too high.

    If you take no prescriptions, or only a couple generic ones then you will be able to select a plan that only offers generic prescriptions and save money on the monthly cost of the insurance plan.  If you do take a brand name prescription then make sure the insurance plans you select from offer coverage for this benefit, or that you are prepared to pay for the cost of your prescriptions out of your pocket.

    Stop by a little later to read an upcoming post on how to save cost on your prescription medications. 

  5. Do you have a Doctor you want to continue to see?
    Then while you are reviewing the plans in the health insurance quotes, you’ll want to click on the “View Provider Network” link at the bottom of each plan you are interested in.  This link will enable you to search your doctor’s name to see if they are in the insurance company’s network of providers.  If your doctor is part of a large medical group here in San Diego, then they will probably be in every insurance network, and the fastest way to check this will be to call the medical office and ask which medical insurance the doctor accepts.  This information can also be found by clicking on the name of your medical group in the article “How do I find a good physician?” 

  7. Do you have any pre-existing conditions?
    Many times this can be the most important question of all.  The reason is that each of the medical insurance companies have different criteria they use to determine which people they offer insurance to.  So one carrier might charge a higher rate for their insurance plan, while another carrier might offer a regular price to the same person.  These decisions are made during the underwriting process, after an application has been submitted to the insurance company.

    Many pre-existing conditions won’t have a bad effect on your medical insurance application, and you have to disclose these conditions on the application, so don’t get too worried about this.  Before you fill out an application we’ll give you some tips to help you fill out the application and answer the health questions so that you present your health in the best possible light, while being completely truthful.

    Some examples of conditions that the medical insurance companies won’t count against you are, injuries treated by a doctor or at an emergency room, surgeries to repair injuries, mental health therapy that was due to an emotional period in your life such as a divorce or death in the family, and taking antibiotics to treat an infection.  There are many other examples like this.  Even cancer is potentially not an issue, as long as the cancer has been treated and removed and has not recurred for a specific period of time (again, each carrier has a different time period, but 1-3 years is usual range).

    Stop by a little later to read some upcoming posts on real case-studies showing how we got coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.

    The key is to know what pre-existing conditions ARE more difficult.  Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to that because each insurance company is different.  The best strategy is to call our office if you have any conditions you think might cause a problem, and one of our advisors will help you determine what to do next.

  9. What are you financially able to afford?

    This last question is pretty straight forward.  The San Diego medical insurance plan you select needs to be affordable and fit within your budget or monthly spending plan.  A second part of this question relates to your ability to pay for some medical costs as part of the deductible of the health insurance plan you select.

    If you select a plan that has a $5,000 deductible, then if you were injured and went to the emergency room, you would be responsible for up to $5,000 in expenses before the insurance company began to pay for your medical services.  Is this an amount you can afford now, or within the next few years?  If not, then perhaps a lower deductible might make more sense.

    One word of wisdom regarding the financial effects of a health insurance deductible, is that the likelihood of something happening that would cause you to have high medical expenses is fairly low.  So, although a $3,000 or $5,000 deductible may seem pretty high, the odds of you needing to come up with this amount of money is somewhat small, and you would typically be better off picking a higher deductible and saving cost on the insurance plan monthly premium.

    With these factors in mind, decide how much you can afford to spend on your health insurance plan.

Okay, now combining all the answers from the 5 questions, we’ve got the outlines of what your San Diego medical insurance plan is going to look like:


  1. We know how many office visits the plan needs to offer.
  2. We know if the plan needs to offer generic or brand prescriptions.
  3. We know whether we need to see if your doctor is in the network.
  4. We know whether we need to call and check on pre-existing conditions (this is one of the main reasons why we get phone calls)
  5. and

  6. We know what you can financially afford.

The next step is to run a Quote, so right click on the “Health Insurance Quotes” link to open the quote in a new window or tab, and enter the information to get your quote.  When that’s done come back here to continue the process.
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Lowest San Diego Medical Insurance Prices Anywhere

The Department of Insurance regulates San Diego medical insurance premiums. It doesn’t matter if you go directly to the insurance company, or apply with SPF Insurance, you get the same low price wherever you go. Working with SPF you’ll find all the California medical insurance information and help you need to simplify the process so it’s fast and easy.

3 Steps:
1. Quote 2. Compare 3. Apply

California Medical Insurance Plans

Rates As Low As


San Diego Medical Insurance: Comparing Health Insurance Plans In The Quote

Now that you have the quotes, it’s time to review the various plans to determine which ones fit the needs you’ve outlined from the 5 questions above.  Depending upon where you live there are up to 150 different plans, so the list is pretty long.

To make the process easier, we need to make sure you understand what the 4 key parts of every medical insurance plan are:


  1. Office visits
  2. Deductibles
  3. Out of Pocket Maximum
  4. Prescription Benefits

These are the 4 parts that we will focus our attention on because they affect everyone, and all the other benefits affect only a small number of people.  If you are not comfortable with what the above terms mean, then please see the article “4 Keys to Understanding Health Insurance Plans”.

A quick way to shorten the list of plans in your medical insurance quote is to look at the health insurance recommendation table.  This table shows the best plans for various groups of people.  Look at the table to see which of the 6 categories fits you best, and then use the plans in the recommendation table as the starting point to find a good plan for your needs.

Now go back to the quote and find the plans from the recommendation table, and on the left side of each plan is an orange square with a “Check to compare” box.  Click this box for each of the plans you want to compare (no more than 4 at a time), and once you’ve selected the plans, then click the grey “Compare” button at the bottom of the orange box.  Now you can see the full detailed description of each plan compared side by side.

The important thing is to focus on is the 4 Key areas we outlined above, and the outline of your plan we put together with the 5 questions.  That way the comparison does not become an overwhelming task.  Looking at the plan benefits side by side will make it easy to remove some plans from consideration, and finally you will be able to decide on a single plan that best fits the needs we outlined earlier.
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San Diego Medical Insurance: Online Applications

The next step is to fill out an online application for the medical insurance plan that fits your needs.  Before you begin, I recommend you read Application Tips – Position Your Application For Approval.  Once you’ve read that, then on the quote, click the green “Apply Now” button on the right side of the plan you’ve selected.

When you begin the online application for your Medical Insurance, you will create a username and password.  A little tip here is to NOT try to use a normal username because millions of people have created usernames before you.  I recommend using a random set of letters and/or numbers for the username and password and then writing them down for later use.  If you need to stop filling out the application to look up information, or for any other reason, just save your application using one of the buttons on the application screen, and then you can log into the application portal later to continue filling out the application.

If at any time in the application process you have questions, please call us and let us help you.
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More articles on San Diego Medical Insurance coming soon.


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