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SPFInsurance.com is a leading source of health insurance for individuals, families, small businesses, and self-employed professionals. SPFInsurance.com makes it easy to find the right health insurance by providing simple information to enable you to get what you need, understand it, and make an informed decision, and apply for coverage in the least amount of time.

Introduction to SPF Insurance Services

What Sets SPFInsurance.com Apart

What makes SPFInsurance.com different from other insurance websites is that SPF Insurance Services is a DBA (doing business as) for SecurePath Financial, Inc., which is a Registered Investment Advisor Representative. This means that SPFInsurance.com is held to a fiduciary standard to do what is best for the client. You’ll find both the good and the bad about all the insurance companies and their plans, so you won’t have to go anywhere else to get the information you need.

Some people absorb new information by reading it and other prefer to see or watch videos with the information. At SPFInsurance.com we have provided both text and video content for our visitors. Most of the key points we make in the textual content, will also have a video version that is available.

SPFInsurance.com works with all the major health insurance companies and has provided secure connectivity to each insurance companies’ online application portal. This provides clients with a wide selection of health insurance plans and helps to minimize the time it takes to process a health insurance application.

SPFInsurance.com provides consumers with detailed information about plan options and the ability to apply online. We provide a full spectrum of health, life, dental, disability, and Long-Term Care plans with a selection of price and benefit options. If any information is unclear or customers need additional assistance, a team of licensed Advisers is available via phone or email. The Advisers can answer any consumer questions regarding the process of buying and using health insurance.

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Founder Tim Thompson

Background Of Tim Thompson

I founded SPFInsurance.com in 2006 while working at an advisory firm. My Type 1 Diabetes made me very knowledgeable in the insurance industry, because I needed that information to get protection for myself and my family when I left the corporate world in 2001. As my COBRA coverage was running out, I found a solution, and through the knowledge I gained began the seeds of SPF Insurance Services. In 2008 I left the advisory firm I had started with in 2003, and began doing business through SPF Insurance.

Having the flexibility to do things the way I thought was best, I decided that SPF Insurance would truly help every person that contacted us, regardless of whether we would get paid or not. So every caller gets our full attention. We answer questions and explain things several times in order to make sure that our clients fully understand. Sometimes that means conversations last for 30 to 45 minutes. One of the most common things we hear from our clients is that we helped them understand for the first time, and that made us very different from the other broker they had in the past.

Some of my friends tell me that we need to be more “time conscious” about helping people too much. But I know that what we do is better. Clients thank us for our hard work by referring their friends and family to us, and we then apply the same principles to nurture more fans from their referrals.

Background Of Silvia Whiting

Silvia Whiting joined SPF Insurance in September 2015.
I was born in Italy and moved the the US in 2001. I have always been focused on helping my clients find the best solution for their needs.

SPFInsurance.com is headquartered in San Diego, California and serves consumers throughout California.

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