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How Do I Find A Good Physician?

The best way to find a good physician is to find a good medical group and then ask the medical group to recommend good physicians for you. Many of the medical groups have nurses that will ask you some questions to determine what type of physician, both practice and personality, would be a good fit for you. This 2 step process can simplify the process of finding a good physician.

Medical Groups are a business organization with multiple doctors working together to serve the needs of a common set of patients. By offloading the administrative and support work, each physician is able to focus on the needs of the patient and improve patient care. So finding a good Medical Group is the first step in the process.

To get a starting point on good Medical Groups, the California Office of The Patient Advocate provides a yearly report card that grades insurance companies, medical plans, hospitals, and Medical Groups. The latest report card for groups in San Diego county shows how each group rates with respect to providing a standard of care for 9 medical conditions, and how patients rate the medical group in providing care and customer service.

Medical Group Ratings 2011 Edition

For San Diego County

Excellent   4 Star
Good           3 Star
Fair            2 Star
Poor            1 Star

Meeting National
Standards of Care

Patients Rate
Medical Groups

Angeles IPA1 starNot rated
Arch Health Partners3 stars3 stars
Children’s Physician Medical Group3 starsNot rated
Encompass Medical Group, Inc.2 stars3 stars
Greater Tri-Cities IPA2 stars3 stars
Mercy Physicians Medical Group3 stars4 stars
Mid-County Physicians Medical Group2 starsNot rated
Multi-Cultural Primary Care Medical Group1 starNot rated
Primary Care Associated Medical Group3 stars3 stars
San Diego Physicians Medical Group1 star3 stars
Scripps Clinic Medical Group3 stars4 stars
Scripps Coastal Medical Center3 stars4 stars
Sharp Community Medical Group – Chula Vista3 stars3 stars
Sharp Community Medical Group – Coronado3 stars3 stars
Sharp Community Medical Group – Graybill3 stars3 stars
Sharp Community Medical Group – Grossmont3 stars3 stars
Sharp Community Medical Group – Inland North3 stars3 stars
Sharp Community Medical Group – Metro San Diego3 stars3 stars
Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Centers3 stars4 stars
Southern California Permanente Medical Group – San Diego4 stars3 stars
UCSD Medical Group3 stars3 stars
Vantage Medical Group1 starNot rated

My recommendation is to look for Medical Groups that rate at least 3 stars in both standard of care and customer service. If your physician is in a group that is rated less than 3, then you might want to consider how your physician has been caring for you, and if you feel that you should be getting better treatment, look for another medical group and physician. Select a 3 star medical group that has offices that are convenient for you, and then call them to get physician recommendations.

If you would like more information on this topic you can find additional details at, or you can call our office and one of our SPF Insurance Services advisers will be happy to help you.

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